(Shadows over truth)

About the Project

AFFAIRS has been the dream project of Saurav Manandhar which DKP has been planning since 2015. As a production company DKP has always aspired towards producing quality content and while we have devoted our past years in polishing our technical skills and are now set to create a historical content from within the Nepalese community from Australia.

Affairs (1st International Nepalese web series) is about personal and professional lives of few young friends living in Sydney. The story unfolds as they navigate their way through life and learn to grow up as they approach their mature age, all with the help of each other to get through the obstacles that life naturally has for them. The series will include the struggles faced by every migrant in Australia, for example Visa issues, college problems, assignments etc.

Digital Key Production already owns adequate amount of gears demanded by the project and has already finalized the major cast who are already working on the script. Weekly workshops are also on schedule and will run up until mid of May 2018, when the filming begins. The purpose of these workshops is not just to let the cast and crew rehearse but is running also with a purpose to create bonding between the team members so that the unit can work efficiently with each other’s collaboration.


Production Unit

Director/Cinematographer: Saurav Manandhar

Assistant Director: Surabhi Manandhar & Niroj Maharjan

Production Manager: Surabhi Manandhar

Camera Operator/Grip: Manish Rijal

Sound/2nd Assistant Camera: Nitesh Chhetri

Lights: Manish Rijal & Niroj Maharjan

Makeup Artist: Swikriti Gurung

Script: Abhimanyu Nirabhi

Editor: Deepak Ale / Prabin Shrestha

Sound Design: Rads Studio & Bibas Paudel

Set Runner



Surabhi Manandhar: Maya

Saurav Paudel: Asim

Ashim Jeetson : Sahas

Prerana Thapa: Priya

Pawan Bazagain: Ganga Prasad

Rubina Shrestha: Monika

Rajiv Sherchan: Ghale Dai

Upendra Aryal: Krish (Kishan Kumar Sharma)

Susma KC: Savi ( Sabitri )

Ajay Tamang : Prem


Special Appearance

Padam Shakya

Badri Aryal

Rabindra Kumar Sharma



Biraz Singh Khadka

Sunod Shrestha

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